Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rock lobster

You woul think someone who lives in constant fear of any form of cancer would take precautions to prevent it.  I believe dark chocolate is cancer, brownie bits are cancer, and I definitely can't forget the zit I thought was cancer.  In order to alleviate these fears, you would think that I would use SPF 150 religiously.


That would make way too much sense.  I went to an outdoor festival yesterday and I probably should have put on some sort of sun screen before heading out.  For someone with skin whose natural color would rival Casper the Friendly Ghost, I should be using something.  Instead my legs look like I oiled them up with PAM for their day in the sun.  The rest of me is fine.  I did have sunscreen on my face and it maintained it's natural pasty white. 

My legs look like glowing red apendages.  It hurts to touch them.  It hurts to walk because that bends the skin.  It hurts to wear anything that hits below the knee.  It hurts to shower in anything besides ice water.  I walk around singing "Rock Lobster" by the B-52s to my legs: 

It wasn't a was a rock lobster!

Now to go take some more Tylenol and slather my legs with aloe....

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