Sunday, September 18, 2011

New extreme sport

I haven't written in a while because all I do anymore is go to work, go to the gym, and sleep.  I can't write about my job, I like being employed.  Although I have plenty of posts in my head about the gym, I am sure most of you are tired of those by now.  And I'm not going to write about sleep (or lack thereof...that would just be boring).  If I think of something that I think might be remotely entertaining, I save it for my new column. I used to write as a form of procrastination while I was working on another degree, but I don't have homework to put off since the degree is finished.  So those are my excuses for avoiding my blog.  I'm sorry.

Now, onto a new post about nothing.

There seems to be a new extreme sport that has come about in the Star City of the South.  The rules appear to be very easy to follow....

1.  Make sure you are either wearing all black (or at least dark colors, navy and gray work well too, just no white or yellow or anything).  If you are wearing a hoodie, make sure the hood is over your head.

2.  Go to a neighborhood after dark that doesn't have streetlights.  If it has narrow streets with lots of curves and hills, you get bonus points.

3.  Start walking.  It's even better if you can do this with friends so that you can all spread out across the street.  And whatever you do, don't carry a flashlight or walk on the correct side of the street so that you can see traffic.  That takes the fun out of the game.

4.  Try not to get hit by a car.

Although the point of this new game may be to get smooshed by a driver with poor night vision (me).  That way you can sue for millions provided you survive the encounter with the hood of my Honda.  Not that you would get any millions from me.  You would be lucky to get a couple hundred.  But the evil part of me (and that is a very large part) hopes you do get creamed.  The world needs fewer idiots. 

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