Monday, March 5, 2012

Sewing/Craft/Cat Room Makeover

When I was first looking at houses, I wanted to have at least three bedrooms so that I could turn one into my own craft/sewing/painting studio.  I only had enough furniture for one of the bedrooms (mine) so I knew I would have the space available.

Then I moved into my three bedroom house and suddenly became the extra bed collector.  The rooms had furniture before I officially moved in... 

I turned one room into Phoebe's room (yes, the cat got her own room because I couldn't let the dog in it just evolved into Phoebe's).  It has stayed this way for the past three years.

I started messing around on Pinterest and decided that I wanted a space of my own so that I can devote all of this non-existent time into crafty endeavors and make a million dollars by year's end.  So this is the room that Pinterest made:

The walls are Benjamin Moore's Sunwashed, a light peachy pink that gives them just enough color so that the aqua furniture stands out. 

My sewing desk is a "found" desk (I may have inadverently taken it...don't worry, it's not really stolen).  I sanded it down and painted it this color last summer.  It was just sitting in my hallway propping up knick knacks.  Now it has a new home.

The dresser is an antique that I found at a consignment store.  The drawers have been painted the same color as the desk.  And now my flip flop painting I did years ago has a spot!

My wicker chair is in the perfect nook to work on hand stitching or to just sit and relax in a clean room (I haven't had time to mess it up yet).  The picture on the wall are some of my "inspiration" pieces by Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Design.

I also put some shelves on the wall to hold my sewing box and other useful items.  I'm so proud of myself because I sort of measured and used a level instead of my typical eyeballing and then shrugging my shoulders when whatever I just hung up is crooked.  I'll recover the top of my sewing box at some point...

So that is my new creative space where I will create thousands of these little guys to sell in my new etsy store in order to pay off my student loans that went towards my latest degree I am currently not using.

Let me know if you need a pin cushion or two (or a hundred...).  


  1. Love the aqua color! What a great craft space!

  2. Thank you for showing us how you have put together your creative space. Looks lovely. I hope you can make your million $ before years' end... and no I don't need another pin cushion thank you... I have 1. ;)

  3. Oh! This is absolutely LOVELY!!! I love how you created your creative space! It's fabulous - you've inspired me! I need to Pintrest my studio space....thank you for sharing!!