Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adventures in Food Journaling: Day One

I've been rather neglectful of my blog here lately.  I have diagnosed myself with chronic fatigue syndrome (WebMD was the source) and all I do is work and sleep.  I am falling asleep now but decided to write instead.

Because I am overweight and unable to get off the couch due to my undying need to nap, I started working with a health coach.  I have changed so many aspects of my diet but I'm not losing much weight and I am still mistaken for a hibernating bear.  So she suggested I start a "food journal".  The template she gave me was very simple to follow and really just had me listing what I ate and how I felt.  Since I am completely incapable of writing my feelings in 2 words when 50 would do it, I am doing my "food blog post". 

Day 1:
Today is my first day of journaling.  But due to my inability to get out of bed in the morning, I do not get up in time to fix my daily green smoothie (green = spinach = does not equal Popeye biceps).  I hit Starbucks instead.  Breakfast consisted of a skinny vanilla latte (which is healthy because it has the word "skinny" in the name!) and a cinnamon roll.  But, due to my lateness and my 6th graders' lack of knowledge about working a computer without a minimum of at least 10 different directions said to each one individually, my cinnamon roll was actually brunch.

Brunch:  1 cold cinnamon roll.  It wasn't quite as worth it as I had imagined.

Lunch:  I was late to school, remember?  Lunch came from the cafeteria for the first time this year.  And Thursday is steak and gravy day!!!  I had a brown slab of unidentifiable meat, a scoop of mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots/peas (veggies!), and a roll with butter.  I'm not really sure where any of this fit on my imaginary plate of proteins, vegetables, carbs, and fat, but I am pretty sure all of it just fell under "fat".  On the bright side it wasn't as salty as usual!

Snack:  I didn't eat one.  I was too full from my steak (?) lunch.

Dinner:  Since I was one Happy Meal from being the star of "Supersize Me", I got chicken tenders and fries from a drive-thru.  I figured I was on an artery-clogging streak and decided not to interrupt that.  Oh, and a sweet tea. 

Dessert:  My health coach told me about blending frozen bananas with a mix in of choice for a healthy "ice cream" treat.  I couldn't wait to try it!  I blended my bananas with dark chocolate (fruit and antioxidants...this will counteract EVERYTHING I have eaten today!).  It tasted weird.  It was nothing like my vanilla Hagen Dasz in the freezer.  I'm going back to premium ice cream, not bananas disguised as ice cream. 

Overall, I'm impressed with my food journal.  Oh, not the food....just the journal. 

My coach would be proud. 

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