Friday, March 4, 2011

Spare Change

Lazy.  That's all I am, lazy.  I needed some spare change this evening and where did I decide to look? 

The bottom of my purse would be a logical answer.  Nope.

My coin bank would also have made sense.  As would the small dish on the counter that holds odds and ends. 

Where do I keep my spare change?  In the washing machine.  As I do laundry, I gain random spare change in my washing machine.  I don't scoop it out; I leave it there.  It's nice and clean.  I am sure this could be a potential problem for my washing machine.  But I am too lazy to get it out and put it anywhere proper.

So now, whenever I need a quarter (or a nickel or a dime), I just head to the washing machine.  The great thing is the money multiplies after each load!  Like magic...

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