Monday, December 19, 2011

My next car will come with a battering ram

Here it is a just a few, short days from Christmas and everyone is trying to finish up their last minute tasks.  Such as mailing packages.  I am one of those people.  I head over to the main post office to mail my last two items.  I expect a wait in line so I am prepared for that (which means I wasn't standing there huffing and puffing....I am patient for once). 

After waiting in line for 15 minutes (behind a super chatty woman; I now know her entire life story...too bad I don't care) I make it back out to my car.  As I approach my car, I notice that someone pulled in behind me.  There is no space behind me.  They created one.  And because of the design of the parking lot, I can't pull through.  All I can do is sit there and wait for the owner of the car to come out and move it so I can leave.

And I wait.  And wait some more.  People around me found it hilarious (I did not).  I go inside with the tag number to have the owner paged.  Except I would have to get back into line again again to speak to someone.  The post office is too large for me to stand there and yell for the owner.  I head back out to wait.  And wait.  My little bit of time I had for lunch is now gone, usurped by an idiot that doesn't understand parking lots and the idea of "spaces". Exactly how stupid does someone have to be to realize that they were not in a space?  I contemplate putting my car in reverse and ramming the little Toyota until I push it out of the way.  I hope the owner doesn't own a gun.  I hope they come out soon.  I hope they didn't run away.  I start to google towing companies. 

Finally a woman comes running to the car.  She tells me she is sorry as she rushes into her car.  She tells me she didn't realize it wasn't as space.  As I start my tirade of smartly worded arguments she drives away.  Then as she is backing out (trying to escape me) another car tries to pull into the fake spot.  REALLY????  They quickly realize their mistake as I turn my tirade towards them. 

So, I had to wait to do my business at the post office, then I had to wait for the dumbest woman in the world to do whatever she had to do, then she left so quickly that I didn't get to yell at her, and then she had time to make a getaway while I tried to back out before someone else could back me in. 

If my car had a battering ram, I could have just moved her out of the way with no damage to my car.  And all would have been right with the world.

Happy Holidays!!!

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