Monday, August 15, 2011

Well, at least you are a healthy fat....

I went to see my doctor today in order to convince my mom that my shortness of breath and chest pains were anxiety and not heart disease (and I wonder where I get my worrying anxiety-ridden tendencies from).

The nurse weighed me and proceeded to ask me if I needed information about weight loss.  WHAT?!?  I follow Weight Watchers plus spend over an hour a day, six days a week at the gym.  No, I don't need any info on weight loss.  Thanks for asking.

The doctor also asked me about exercise (and used the fact that I could do an hour long Zumba class without dying as his evidence for me NOT having heart disease right now).  He inquired about my diet and when I complained about my lack of weight loss he informed me that although I was fat, I was a healthy fat.  He then reassured me that if I was ever in a famine that I would have no trouble surviving for a while.

So my diagnosis was anxiety and I now have a prescription for help-me-sleep-anti-anxiety-meds to try for three weeks.  Oh, and the knowledge that not only am I fat, but that I would do well in Africa.  Thanks. 

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