Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kardashians or Griswolds? You decide...

Our family just went on our annual vacation to the lovely shores of Emerald Isle in North Carolina.  We rented what we assumed to be a lovely oceanfront beach cottage.  In our excitement for the upcoming trip we forgot that if it weren't for bad luck, our family wouldn't have any luck at all.

We decided to rent a minivan to get half of us (plus two dogs) from Virginia to North Carolina.  I was to pick up the minivan the day before we left.  I made the reservation in person and even called later to confirm  because I didn't quite trust the clueless rental agents.

Anyone see Seinfeld's experience when he tried to rent a car?  Just curious.  The manager called me on Friday morning to let me know that they did not have a minivan and would not have one.  After I asked him to define the term "reservation" for me I told him that I would be picking up a minivan and to make it happen.  Our minivan looked a lot like a Kia SUV (my mom shrieked "A KIA?!?! Are they even built to go further than 10 miles!?!?"). 

This should have been our sign that Murphy was applying his stupid law to us again.  Our lovely little beach cottage ended up being nothing more than a cramped and smelly beach shack.  My sister and I immediately turned around and rented yet another beach home further down (but not ocean front).  So now we were the proud renters of not one, but two beach homes.  If we had added together what we spent on two homes we could have spent our week in a large ocean front home (maybe even with a pool!).  We were burning through money faster than a Kardashian. 

A couple of days later we may or may not have had an incident at a local Belk that may or may not end up costing me an additional couple of hundred dollars.  I'll just let your imaginations take over from here...

The fun continued when two of our dogs decided to medicate their thyroids with a human prescription that was on a nightstand.  We can't get them to take their own pills, but they evidently relished the opportunity to take pills that weren't theirs.

But our relaxing vacation wasn't over yet!  My mom was enjoying the rough surf when a wave swept her prescription sunglasses out to sea.  Although she was sad to see her glasses go, she was happy to give the gift of sight to a fish in need.

At this point we decided our best course of action was to hunker down and not leave the house for fear that a plague of locusts would descend on us next.

Who wants to join us next year????



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  1. i am laughing so hard at this recap. sorry you had such disaster but at least you got good stories out of it!