Sunday, January 8, 2012

Almost domestic diva

I recently became part of the black hole community known as Pinterest.  I call it a black hole because it just sucks you right in and you can't get out.  On the bright side, my creative juices have really been flowing since joining and here is my first creation inspired by pins.

I first saw this scarf...
I read through the tutorial found here and decided that I could do that.  I was drawn to this scarf because of the flowers and it looks all frilly and girly.
Then I started looking at other scarves and found this one which I liked even better. 

This one seemed even easier!  If you like this one, read through the steps here.  Both scarves are based off of one found in Anthropologie, and you just can't go wrong with Anthropologie!

I decided to make a hybrid of the two, I took the second scarf's design and added rosettes to it like the first scarf.  According to the directions for scarf two, you used elastic thread to gather it.  I read through the comments and everyone just loved working with elastic thread and just gushed about how easy it was. 

They lied.

I bought my fabric.  I wish I could tell you what I bought, but I just bought some gauzy white fabric.  Unfortunately I bought all that JoAnn's had, so I couldn't find it again if I wanted to.  I wanted to dye it purple, but once I got into the rainbow of RIT dyes, I went with aqua.  I went a little out of order and dyed my fabric before sewing the scarf in order to make sure my rosettes would be the same color. 

I wound my bobbin with the elastic thread and did a few test runs on scraps.  It worked ok so I started on my scarf.  My first row had the elastic so tight my 3 yard long scarf was shortened to about 12 inches.  Not quite long enough to around my neck.

I tore all of that out and tried again.  And again.  And again.

Finally, when I was about to give up I got all of my sewing machine settings right and made one row with elastic thread.  I went to sew row two and made it about 1/3 of the way down and my bobbin ran out.  There was no way to finish it off and start where it ended so I tore that out too.

I went through this two more times. 

This little scarf took an entire spool of elastic thread.

I then searched for ideas for my flowers and ended up on this website
I made three flowers which I attached on one side of the scarf.  I think it turned out fairly well. 

Yes, that is hanging on my front door.  I couldn't find anywhere to hang it...and it is a well known fact that I can't do self portraits.  I am not a very good photographer and I don't have a pretty dress form to hang it on, so you get a nice shot of my yellow front door. 

I may add more flowers.  I may not.  All I know is that I love my new scarf!  I can't wait to get into my next project...

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