Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been keeping quite a bit of pent up anger in me since the break up.  I also tend to be an anxious person; if I don't have anything to worry about, I'll create something (usually a cancer diagnosis from WebMD if work isn't stressful enough).  Because of this, I decided that I am not quite ready to start relaxation medication and thought I would go back to yoga.

I don't have the money for a yoga class (or a gym that offers a yoga class).  Plus, all gyms target their yoga classes towards people that evidently do not have jobs.  I guess if you aren't working and have the money to afford a gym, life is pretty stressful for you and you need your 10 AM yoga class each Wednesday.  Bitter?  Yes.

I bought Jillian Michaels' "YOGA MELTDOWN" dvd.  Yes, it needs to be in all caps because I am inspiring myself to do it.  If Jillian yells "YOGA MELTDOWN" at me, I'll probably have a yoga meltdown.  Jillian promises me that I will lose 5 pounds in a week if I follow her routine.  To help me out, I also planned a healthy fish dinner for after my yoga-izing.

I dig out my yoga mat (this actually took 20 minutes of searching) and roll it onto the floor.  I start my DVD and begin.  As I try to move into downward dog I realize that Phoebe has staked out one end of the mat as her domain.  She is also willing to protect that territory at all costs.  Joe offered to declaw her for me, but after watching him trim Bailey's toenails I figured he would just cut Phoebe's feet off at the ankle and she is still very able to defend herself.  Ok, fine.  I'll just try to use the other end of the mat.  Phoebe doesn't take this lying down and attacks my pants.  As she is trying to climb up my pants to get the waist tie, I give up.  I made it all of 10 minutes through my workout. 

I watched the rest of the workout while sitting on the couch and drinking a glass of wine.  I may not have burned any calories, but I am a little more relaxed.

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