Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life's Questions (for today anyway)

1.        Why am I sitting here watching “Live to Dance”?  Paula Abdul is so nice and she has a kind word to say about everyone.  I don’t.  I can’t stand this drivel.  Yet I still have it on. 
2.       Why is my blog getting referrals from Russian websites?  Who in Russia wants to read about someone with obviously such poor taste in television? 
3.       Why do I keep surfing the web instead doing the work I brought home with me?  I suppose it is so I can complain tomorrow about not having the time to get anything done.
4.       Why am I so obsessed with WebMD?  Most recently I have self diagnosed anxiety, insomnia, carbon monoxide poisoning and cancer (really…every ache or pain can be attributed to some form of cancer).
5.       Why didn’t I play the lottery tonight?  Oh right, because statistically I would have just lost a dollar instead of gaining millions.  Yes, my glass is always half empty (but as long as my half empty glass has a little umbrella in it, life is pretty good).

      Oh my gosh!!! My worst fears have been confirmed by fictional tv – NCIS has had a gas leak (or carbon monoxide poisoning) in a school!  I have to go to bed in order to lie awake all night with anxiety over possible poisoning at school tomorrow (and hope the Russians aren’t stealing secrets from me).

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