Monday, January 10, 2011

I give up..go ahead and call Animal Cops

My poor animals act as if I am leaving them to die every day when I go to work.  I get these sad little faces that look like "I only hope I am still alive when you get back...nevermind the fact I live in a climate-controlled house with a continual supply of food and water."

Today I leave but it is a special day because Bailey gets to go to doggie daycare.  I load up Bailey and gather everything I need and off we go.  My only fleeting thought towards poor Phoebe is that I hope I didn't leave my curling iron plugged in (you know, 'cause then the house would burn down...oops).  I should have given more thought to Phoebe because today I actually did leave her for dead.

Twelve hours later I return and Phoebe is not waiting at the door for me.  I call her over and over, to no avail.  I check under the beds, in the open closet, in the half bath, and no Phoebe.  I cannot figure out where she has gone.  Instead of using her hunting nose to help in the search, Bailey is dancing a jig behind me at the thought of Phoebe being gone forever.  I call my mom to wail about the missing Phoebe.  She tells me to check the closet.  But I did check the closet!  Do it again she tells me.  Ok, still no Phebes.  She then instructs me to check the other closet.  I think she is crazy because the door is shut, there is no way Phoebe could jump up, turn the door knob, get in the closet, and shut it back. 

Guess what was in the closet.......

Phoebe.  Evidently I had left her to die a slow death in the corner of my closet.  Her worst fears had come true. 

I'll wait for the Animal Cops to show up, just let me check the closets before they haul me away.

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