Monday, June 6, 2011

Full of big ideas

One of the best things about living with ADHD is that I am full of wonderful, big ideas.  One of the worst things about living with ADHD is the complete lack of follow through on any wonderful, big ideas.
There was the time I thought quilting would be fun.  Did I start with a small wall hanging like any other normal beginner?  Nope.  I started out with a tremendous bed sized quilt.  I loved buying my fabrics, going to quilt stores looking for inspiration, and I loved planning my quilts.  I just hated quilting.  I managed to finish two quilts, start on three different quilts, and buy enough fabric that I could open my own quilt shop out of my spare bedroom. 

Then I decided to paint floor cloths and sell those at the downtown market.  I painted 1.5 of those.  I currently have a trunk full of paint propping up the boxes of quilting fabric in the closet.

Now I am facing a summer without employment and decided I needed something to entertain myself.  I love to paint, but unfortunately I don't think I am very creative.  I can copy any one's work, but I can't come up with my own.  So I briefly thought about making millions through art forgery...but I would end up posting my own version of the Mona Lisa on here and then being arrested. 

So what is the big idea?  Pin cushions!!!!  I love to sew, but only small things because if the project is too big I get bored.  I love to match fabrics, but not enough to want to do another quilt.  I need something quick and easy that I won't wander off from halfway through.  But what should I do with many, many pin cushions?  Why sell them of course! 

I have bought all my little fabrics and embellishments and have managed to finish one pin cushion.  I also bought a book on how to set up my own business on  According to the book, I need a business plan, a way to do accounting, a business license, someone to file my taxes for me (I don't think TurboTax could get me through this one), a branding idea, apply for a state tax ID so I could pay my sales taxes in Virginia, a high quality camera for taking shots of my whisicle pin cushions on barn wood (a little homage to my fellow Regretsy readers), and then doing some difficult mathematical formula to determine a price.  I had already picked $10 out of thin air.  Apparently thin air isn't mathematical enough.  I also need to start a Facebook fan page (who will be a fan of pin cushions....really?) and start a crafting blog (not a blog full of nonsense like I already have). 

I thought I could just make some pin cushions and take pictures of them with my crappy break-up consolation prize camera and stick them up on Etsy and hoped they sold.  Apparently there is a little more to it than that.  I have already lost interest in my pin cushion idea. 

Now what?

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