Monday, June 20, 2011

Here we go again

I did it again.  I joined a gym.  This is the third gym I have joined.  I have also rejoined Weight Watchers (on a sidenote, my blog from WW that hasn't been updated in over 6 months now has 35 followers...where did they come from? and how do I get them here?). 

In between gym forays I took up running.  Remember how that ended?  With me attempting my first 10K, injuring my foot halfway through, and coming in dead last behind the 75 year old man with a limp.  I haven't run or walked for any type of exercise since.  So I bit the bullet and joined yet another gym.  They were nice enough to give me two free personal training sessions.  When I first met with her last week, she informed me that I had 62 lbs. to lose. My eyes widened and I explained to her how I tend to ignore crazy talk like that.  She just looked at me and asked me what my goals were.  My goal is to lose 10 pounds before the beach so I can fit in last year's clothes...that's more.  Then she informed me that I was using the crazy talk this time.  She suggested I set an "event" that I can use as my goal.  Since she expects me to lose the the equivalent of a child by February, I told her I would sign up for the Disney half-marathon in January.  While I was on the floor giggling at my insane answer, she replied with total seriousness that I needed to sign up now because it sells out fast.  Um, yeah, not gonna happen.

So, because shopping is my favorite thing in the whole wide world (besides cupcakes...but that is what got me in this mess to begin with), my events are shopping events!  Yay!  I can barely wait!

So, for my first 10 lb loss, I can buy some new booksends.  Yes, I realize they are from Pottery Barn "Kids", but who cares?  They are the perfect little touch of whimsy for my home.

Now since I think I will actually lose 20 lbs when pigs fly, I thought a flying pig would be appropriate.  This is courtesy of Ballard Designs.

If I actually reach 40 lbs, I will allow myself this completely frivolous purchase:  Kate Spade Tidbit Plates.  Do I have many, many plates already?  Yes.  But do I have Kate Spade plates? No.  Therefore these are needed.

Lastly, if I make it to 60 lbs without killing myself, I can buy new glasses.  Did you know that Tiffany & Co. makes eyeglasses?  Neither did I!  Our local LensCrafters doesn't carry them and I would have to make a day trip to try them on, but I think they may be worth it.  Plus, February (if I manage to stick to the trainer-who-hates-me's schedule) will fall after tax time...absolutely fabulous.

Therefore, by my calculations, this endeavour should cost me about $550.00.  Still cheaper than entering a race I will never finish, plus travel money and hotel fees. 

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