Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I live alone.  Well, except for one dog, one cat, and one fish, I live alone.  And because I live alone I have gotten into the habit of talking out loud.  I'll talk to Bailey, Phoebe, the fish, my plants, the tv, and really pretty much anything else.  I also talk continuously in the car (mostly yelling expletives...). Yet, the majority of the time I manage to keep this talking in my head when out in public.  Although I have been known to keep the running dialogue going with Bailey on our evening walks:

"Really?  What would you do with a bunny anyway?  You don't need a bunny. Keep moving."


"Put that dead squirrel DOWN.  NOW!"


"Leave the cat already have a cat at home that you don't want anything to do with...let that one be."

That is where my talking to things ends in public.  But with school being out for the summer my talking has increased.  And it is getting a little bit harder to control.  An example would be at the gym.  Since I exercise alone and try my best to ignore everyone else around me (if I can't see them, then they can't see me doing my 10 lb. shoulder press...Wonder Woman, I know).  And then my brain slips back into all alone mode from out in public mode.

Like most gyms, mine has tremendous televisions lining the walls so that we can drown out our muscles and joints as they scream in agony.  Do you know how hard it is to keep my mouth shut during the Price is Right?  Especially when a girl won $10,000 at Plinko?

"You go girlfriend!  You show that Plinko board how its done!"

Oops...was that out loud?

Or during Who Wants to be a Millionaire....

"C!  The answer is C!  Moron.  Who needs to use a lifeline for that question other than a moron???"

Oops again. 

I thought listening to my iPod would be a better choice.  Wrong again.  What do you mean no one wants to hear a tone deaf girl try to sing Big Bang by Rock Mafia?  No fun.

So today in order to thwart my brain into silence I watched The Weather Channel.  And as a result, I paid more attention to every single pain inducing step and waited for my 30 minutes to be up.  Oh how I missed Plinko....

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