Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do you want purple or purple?

My external hard drive died the other day.  This is what held all of my iTunes music.  And since I had just bought Christmas classics from a variety of chart-topping groups (such as WHAM!), I was distraught.  I tried everything to get it to work again to no avail.  But, since I love to call places and complain, I called Western Digital.
The Indian lady was very nice as she tried to coach through ways of fixing it.  I had already tried all of these so she finally gave up and told me I could send it back and they would send me a replacement.  Wonderful!  She then proceeded to go through all of the directions of how I should wait for my new drive, then package up the old one and send it back.  I’m not really sure how many people found these directions difficult but evidently it’s bunches because she was very detailed.  I tuned her out just said “uh-huh” until she was done.  She may have told me to run around my coffee table three times before putting the old one in the mail for all I know.
The other day I received a phone call from “unknown.”  I never answer these.  Unless the caller calls back repeatedly, like this one did.  Usually, I answer the phone and it is some collection agency in New York looking for “T-Bug.”
“Sorry, you have the wrong number.”
“No I don’t.  This is the number listed for T-Bug.”
“Again, wrong number.  Stop calling.”
“What is your name?”
“I’ll tell you what it’s not, and that’s T-Bug.”
“Do you know where we can find T-Bug?”
“Do I sound like someone who would know where someone named T-Bug would be hanging out?  NOW STOP CALLING.”
So I answered the phone totally prepared to tell the caller that I was not T-Bug nor did I know where he was in order to settle his debt with Sears.  (T-Bug shops at Sears???)
“Uh, hello…this is Raj (from India).  Is this (some butchered version of my name)?”
“Well, hello. How are you today?”
“Fine.  Get to the point.  Quickly.  So that I can then tell you to stop calling.”
“This is Raj (got it) from Western Digital.  I hate to tell you but there is a problem with your return.”
“Really?  What?” (Getting ready for a phone fight because they owe me a hard drive.  They don’t need to know that I carried it around in my work bag like a rock.)
“Um, we don’t have your color in stock.  But we do have black, silver, pink, white, purple, and blue.”
“Did you say purple?” (I am currently holding a broken purple hard drive in my hand.)
“Yes, purple.”
“Fine, send purple.  Thank you .” And I hang up.
My hard drive arrived today.  Guess which one is the new one….
Sorry about the poor picture quality...I took it with my break-up consolation prize camera (ie. the one I stole from Joe) but couldn't find the cord for the camera.  Maybe I'll return it to him after all (sans cord).  Anyway, this is taken with my phone.  And now I have to figure out which drive is the new one...oops...

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