Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What kind of title is that?

I have always told myself that I would start a blog.  I started with baby steps with a weight loss blog on  But now I want to write about things other than weight loss and I sort of haven't lost any weight in months.  Seemed a little like cheating to me.  Plus - this is free as opposed to the $17.95 a month at WW.  I think that is how much it costs...since it came out of my account automatically and I haven't kept up with a checkbook register since about 1996, it's a good guess.  I also like to sometimes use much more colorful language than WW would allow.  Not that any will show up here...I just like to have options.

About me - I'm 36 and single with two kids (well, really a dog and a cat - don't worry, I draw the line at birthday parties for them).  I teach middle school special education which keeps me on my toes (and gives me many, many stories...but I can't share them due to the fact that I like my job and would like to keep it for the time being). 

And what's up with my lame title?  I happen one of the 6,700,000 people who have ADHD (ok, I totally just made that number up, but go with it...this is also the secret to my mad banking skills).  Although I am the opposite of hyper (one side of my new couch has a permanent butt print already), I do get distracted easily.  People hate to go shopping with me because something will catch my eye and I wander off, never to be seen again until paged over the loud speaker.  So consider this my fair warning that my blog will have the same wandering and total lack of direction.  I'm ok with that. 

So sit back and enjoy!

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