Monday, December 20, 2010

So Close to Being Featured on Hoarders

I opened up my bathroom vanity to get something and a pile of stuff fell out.  This is because I just pile stuff in it.  The panels keep popping off the doors because A) they are cheap and B) I have so much crap that it keeps trying to ooze out.  I decided it was high time to clean them out and organize.

I moved into this house a year and a half ago.  Most of the stuff in there got moved from my old place and just placed in the cabinets.  Also, when I "clean", I mainly just pick up stuff and shove it into empty hiding places.  Remember my old adage:  If you can't see it, it's not there.  But today I could see it as the avalanche of old cosmetics and hair gels came spewing forth.

As I went through my stuff, I found my school ID badge (I guess that is why I haven't worn it for over a year), cosmetics from every Clinique bonus for the past three years (along with the pretty bags - which are empty), used soap from my old condo (why did I pack that???), a couple pens, some pencil lead, and a box of half used hair goop.  I thought that since I was on such a roll, I'd clean out the bottles lining my tub.  Most of these were shampoo bottles with just a smidgen left in each one.  I always buy the same brand shampoo and conditioner together (if you read the directions on the back of the shampoo bottle, they always say "follow with *insert amazing brand that will make your hair salon beautiful here* conditioner").  Since I always run out of conditioner first, I set the mostly used shampoo bottle aside once the new set comes in.  You would think I was waiting on a world wide shampoo shortage and had to keep every last bit.  But I had to be strong and I parted with these today.  I threw out a trashbag full of hoarding materials from my single sink vanity today (sadly, it is still full - baby steps).

I was on a roll!  I ran into my bedroom to get to work in there but when I tripped over the shop-vac sitting in the middle of the floor I decided that it wasn't safe to continue.  I have a place for the shop-vac (in my upstairs closet), but that is currently blocked by my box of Christmas wrapping supplies.  In order to put the shop-vac away I would have to move the box of way too much wrapping paper for any sane person to own.  And I can't put that away yet because one of my wild animals destroyed a wrapped box today.  I could have moved that box around the corner but all of the boxes from my nativity set were sitting there (where they have been since I pulled them out of the attic last week).  I did finally get the nativity pieces set up....don't ask where those boxes are right now (not in their appropriate location - I can promise you that!). 

At some point this week, I might even throw away my month's worth of old newspapers...but let's not go too crazy!

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