Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh look! I found a chicken!

Instead of thinking of posts, taking the time to write them, edit them, and then post them....I just dove right in. If it pops into my head, I type it up and then click post.  No real planning is involved.

Therefore, I was never really happy with the aesthetics of my blog.  I am still learning this whole process.  I have been to a few other blogs on Blogger and was quite jealous of how they looked.  Not jealous of the content (I am very happy that you have an amazing husband, with amazing kids, and an amazing time blogging about every miniscule moment of your day...but let's try using an amazing thesaurus, huh?), but jealous of the layouts.  I managed to find a free one (because I am all about the free...aren't we the land of the free?) with a CHICKEN!!! on it.  Yay me!  Granted, you can't read the text through the chicken's beak, but that's ok. 

So here I am on my third layout and probably not my last.  This whole thing is a work in progress.  And maybe people don't like reading my thoughts or ramblings, but at least I am having an amazing time doing it.

1 comment:

  1. hee! i totally hate those sorts of blogs, too. but keep writing. i love reading your thoughts.