Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Try and try again (and you still won't succeed)

Bailey's nails grow like weeds on steriods.  I take her to PetSmart at least once a month and each time I get a lecture about letting her nails grow too long.  I used to try to trim them myself but between her squirming and my ineptness with tools, we didn't get very far.  Then I let Joe (being a vet and all) trim her nails.  Unfortunately he trimmed them like Sweeny Todd would...he cut every single quick on every nail.  My back patio looked like a crime scene and I was in tears because he had caused my dog pain (hmmm...could this be why he is currently working in his fourth practice in a year?). 

I just took her to PetSmart and between the looks of death she gave me from the grooming table the groomer lectured me on her nails.  I felt like the worst excuse for a puppy mother EVER.  I'm really quite surprised I haven't been featured on Animal Cops yet.  Then the groomer told me to get my own nail grinder.  She said they were very easy to use and Bails was already used to them because they used them.  I searched for one on Amazon and now I am the proud owner of a Dremel Nail Grinding Tool. 

I excitedly tell my mom about it and she informs me that I have to read ALL of the instructions before proceeding (somehow she found out about the whole carbon monoxide detector incident..I wonder how?).  Direction # 2 under Personal Safety:  "Use personal protective equipment.  Always wear eye protection (I wear glasses - that counts, right?).  Protective equipment such as dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection will reduce personal injuries." 

HARD HAT????  I need a hard hat to grind my dog's nails?  Non-skid safety shoes?  I am currently wearing my shearling lined flip flop house shoes....probably do not fall in the whole "safety shoe" category. 

Wait a minute...all of these fall under the heading of "General Power Tool Safety Warnings."  I always tell my students to read that part first.  I guess I don't listen to myself very well.  I sure am glad that the Dremel people were intelligent enough to include all power tool directions...in case I got my nail grinding tool confused with a table saw.  That's very easy to do.

I approach Bailey with it.  I let her sniff it.  I turn it on for her to hear it.  She just sits there.  I lift a front paw and start.  I just barely touch each nail to get her used to it.  She lets me.  Then the little light bulb goes on and she realizes that I am trying to trim her nails. DANGER!  DANGER!  DANGER!

She goes into flight mode and hides.  I attempt to get her out of hiding and she hides more (which means she hides her head.)  She also believes that if she can't see me, I can't see her.  Fine.  You win this time Bailey dog but we will get that other paw tomorrow.  At this rate it should take me about a week before I get all of her nails done. 

I bet I am back at PetSmart by Saturday to get her nails trimmed again.

I can't find her, can you?

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