Thursday, December 16, 2010

Handmade Christmas

One of my favorite websites, Curly Girl Design, is having a contest.  All I had to do was comment on her own blog entry of the joy of handmade gifts.  Here is mine:

I was working as a temp on holiday season and funds were scarce.  I came up with the brilliant idea of making ornaments for all of my family.  I (incorrectly) believed it would be an inexpensive and thoughtful gift.  So off I went to the craft store to stock up on clear glass ornaments, glass paints, glitter, and ribbon.  Let the merriment begin!

Now let me also add here that I was also the proud owner of a puppy and a cat; both of whom were very curious about anything (and I mean anything) I did and were always willing to lend a helping paw.

I sat at my little table and started to work.  I painstakingly painted little shimmery snowflakes and added a hand-tied bow to the top of each one.  I carefully laid them in their egg carton type container and left them to dry.

Can you guess what happened next? What attracts a cat more than catnip? Glitter-y break-y things with ribbon!  I think the wild animals were in cahoots...the cat knocked them off the table and the dog pounced on them once they were on the floor.  Only a few little ornaments survived the massacre.

Round 1 was won by the furry kind.  But I persevered and headed back out the craft store!

Round 2 was also devastating to the ornaments.

Round 3 wasn't much better (was I learning anything yet? Doesn't appear so).

By Round 4 I managed to keep enough ornaments in one piece long enough to get them into a box and wrapped.  Except by this point I was exhausted from painting all of those little snowflakes so the ornaments looked as if I had held the paintbrush between my toes and done them blindfolded.

And the best part??? I spent the same amount if not more than I would have on store bought gifts.

For some odd reason my family members still have these sad little ornaments and dutifully hand them on their trees each year.  My mom tells me she loves her ornament, but I think it is so the ornaments can still mock me. 

Will I win the contest?  We shall see....

Update: I did not win.  But have entered again with a story about holiday performances.  I like this prize way better.  Too bad I had to make up a story about holiday productions since I don't remember participating in any...

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