Friday, December 17, 2010

I Hate Murphy

So far in the past couple of months I have spent close to a zillion dollars.  My car needed new tires (which I learned after being stranded on I-64 in the area of night).  Then it needed a new transistor so that it would continue to produce heat.  Which I need because apparently Virginia has somehow moved north on the globe since we have had average daytime highs in the 20s.  Then I had to pay for some expensive standardized test that I have to take in order to graduate with a third degree (Really?  Who needs that many degrees?  Especially since I won't see a pay raise out of it).  Now my car is making a really expensive screeching it needs a new timing belt.  That appointment is on Tuesday.

Here I am about one dollar from becoming homeless. 

Today, I heard the downstairs toilet running.  This is totally normal, I just go in there, jiggle a little thingy on the inside, and Voila! working toilet.  Only today I step in there and hear "sploosh - sploosh."  And my feet are very cold and very wet.  Ick!!  I am soaked from toilet water!  There is nothing more gross than toilet water.  Don't try to tell me "it's clean".  I'm not buying it 'cause do you know where it came from?? The TOILET!

I stand there for a second while my addled brain tries to process what has happened.  Finally it dawns on me to run upstairs and grab every towel I own.  As I mop up the half inch of basically sewer water off the floor (it came from th toilet!) I think " least no damage was done."  I throw all of the towels in to the washing machine at the hottest temperature and go to town with my steam mop.  I fix the toilet and go along my merry little way.  Then, as I step out of the bathroom into the hallway, I hear it again "splish - splish."  The water had run up under my laminate floors.  And what will ruin laminate floors?  You guessed it...good ol' H2O. 

So now, here I am potentially facing filing a homeowner's claim with a $500 deductible to pay for new floors throughout.  This is after the purchase of a shop vac to suck up the water underneath and the purchase of a dehumidifier to attempt to dry them out. 

Therefore, Mr. Murphy and his stupid little law can stop now.  I get it.  Never, ever, ever believe that things are ok.  Because according to Murphy who is apparently haunting me; if anything can go wrong, it will. 

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